Had my first Reflexology treatment yesterday – EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTACT THIS LADY!!!!!!! The most relaxing amazing hour. Joanne is at Attune Chiropractic Office in Amherst on Mondays & Thursdays – YOU NEED TO BOOK. ‘Like’ her page, contact her, and share with all your friends. ….and by the way, she’s a Naturopath so she’s covered under your medical insurance, do yourself a favor and book some appointments.

Vicky Comeau

Received a bit of Theta Healing from Joannie Savoie today, owner of Busyfeet Holistic Center. I already felt changes and look forward to more coming from this. It helps release limiting deep seeded negative beliefs that may holding one back. As an empath and sensitive person, I did feel it as she worked on me. If you are interested in Theta Healing and it’s benefits, give her a shout.


I had my first visit at Busyfeet Holistic Centre today. Booking this appointment is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. Stress levels dropped substantially and immediately. If you need to relax you need to book an appointment and experience this truly amazing therapy. Already looking forward to my next appointment!


I would highly recommend Joannie Savoie, owner of Busyfeet Holistic Center for feeling your best. I have to share that she visited a home where a person was feeling a lot of sadness and anxiety and it seemed to follow everywhere. After Joannie cleared the home, car, and person, everything lifted. Joannie offers a myriad of services such as reflexology, Theta, Chios and much more. She is ethical, discerning, and tailors her services to each individaul and she ” tests” what is for the highest good of each. I have had healings and clearings from her and she does test and asks the Creator if even a stone used is for the best. She takes her time with each individaul and people I have observed are very peaceful ( even in open air markets). Check her out!

Susan Blanchard

In the fall of 2006, Joannie Savoie gave me a series of reflexology treatments for tennis elbow. My elbow had been sore for 4 months. The treatments got rid of the pain. Joannie was very professional and the treatments very effective. Thank you Joannie!

Tracey C.

I decided to go to Busyfeet this summer because I felt that I had some “blockages” that were preventing me from living a healthy lifestyle. I knew what I should be doing to be healthier and to lose weight, but I just couldn’t do it! Making healthy choices seemed to be a punishment for “letting myself go,” and I felt angry when I had to choose a salad over french fries, or guilty if I didn’t!  Joannie recommended 5 sessions of theta healing and I was open to try anything. I cannot even begin to express how much I have changed from these sessions! I can’t explain how/when the changes took place, they just did! I no longer feel resistance to eating better, or making healthier lifestyle choices, I just do. It’s not because I have to, but because I WANT to!  I desire healthy foods and I am repulsed by processed and fast foods. Somehow, I am loving my body from the inside, not from what I see on the outside. I listen to my body now and I am so THANKFUL to Joannie!


“WOW!!! I have been to Joannie for three treatments. I feel amazing! I have learned to listen to my body and feel all the good that is happening after releasing all the toxins. Learning to change  my thoughts to become positive and feel more happy! I wish everyone could get to see Joannie and feel this good. The journey is amazing! I so look forward to each time I go and see her. She has a GIFT and shares it with you. My mind goes quiet, I let my body relax and release and I enjoy my Journey. Life can do nothing but get better. Thank You Joannie.


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