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Are you Ready for Harmony & inner peace?

I am a an Energy Healing Facilitator. Shifting, transforming and awakening consciousness. Reconnecting You to your beautiful light & wisdom within. Channel of Love and Light, Believer in Magic and Infinite Possibilities. My mission is to help you reconnect with your divine wisdom and essence to guide you on your most beautiful higher vibrational path forward. Activating your highest potential resonating with your visions and dreams. You will evolve, shine, be genuinely happy and in perfect alignement with your best life. Allowing your authenticity and integrity to shine trough on your divine path; awakening your consciousness.
I cannot even begin to express how much I have changed from these sessions! 
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I decided to go to Busyfeet this summer because I felt that I had some “blockages” that were preventing me from living a healthy lifestyle. I knew what I should be doing to be healthier and to lose weight, but I just couldn’t do it! Making healthy choices seemed to be a punishment for “letting myself go,” and I felt angry when I had to choose a salad over french fries, or guilty if I didn’t! Joannie recommended 5 sessions of theta healing and I was open to try anything. I can’t explain how/when the changes took place, they just did! I no longer feel resistance to eating better, or making healthier lifestyle choices, I just do. It’s not because I have to, but because I WANT to! I desire healthy foods and I am repulsed by processed and fast foods. Somehow, I am loving my body from the inside, not from what I see on the outside. I listen to my body now and I am so THANKFUL to Joannie!
Live your best life now!
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WOW!!! I have been to Joannie for three treatments. I feel amazing!
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I have learned to listen to my body and feel all the good that is happening after releasing all the toxins. Learning to change my thoughts to become positive and feel more happy! I wish everyone could get to see Joannie and feel this good. The journey is amazing! I so look forward to each time I go and see her. She has a GIFT and shares it with you. My mind goes quiet, I let my body relax and release and I enjoy my Journey. Life can do nothing but get better.


There are many ways I can help you, no matter where you are on your journey.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy healing speeds physical healing, minimizes pain and balances energy levels.
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Intuitive Life Vision Guidance

Creating your reality actively, empowering your visions and goals. Shifting the conscious and subconscious blocks to creating positive movements forward.
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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is an amazing method to eliminate limiting belief and blocks.
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Learn how meditation can improve your life. Contact us to learn more on how to dramatically improve your life with meditation.


We offer personal fitness consultations on nutrition and exercises programs for better health.


Aromatherapy with Essential Oils are used to medicinally improve and heal the body, mind and soul.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax for hands and feet is an incredible treatment for dry hands and feet.

Drum Circles

Contact us if you would like more information about our next event.

Vision Boards

Learn to how to manifest in a fun way by creating a vision board.

Chios Energy

We offer classes at different times during the year.
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Classes & Workshops

Classes are held when enough participants have signed-up. Reach-out today if you're interested.

Functional Exercises for Daily Living

Functional exercises that will guide you towards correct posture and techniques to improve muscle strength and core stability.
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Vision Board

A simple yet powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.
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Drum & Sound Healing Circles

Release old energies while being energetically supported and guided.
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A space to reconnect to your own divine wisdom within.
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Self Care 101

A variety of self-care exercises and techniques for you to feel empowered in your every day life.
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Living Life Intentionally

Learning to live life in alignement with your values, beliefs and intentions. Being fully present in the moment. Allow mindful actions and greater awareness guide you trough your day with joy and ease.
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How does the Theta Healing technique work?

Theta healing works on the subconscious level to eliminate self limiting beliefs from our belief system that is no longer serving our greater good into our life. Releasing negative patterns from our day to day life to create a more optimal way of living. Clearing out old negative patterns and emotional blockages that have been holding us back from achieving our highest potential.

What happens during and energy healing session?

During a session, we re-balance the energy flow throughout the body using specific techniques and intuitive healing skills, promoting deep relaxation and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It helps to release blocked energy, maintain balance within and prevent disease.

How long is a session?

Most sessions are of a duration of 60 minutes. There are other options available by request of 30,60 or 90 minutes. The first session includes a short health consultation.

What are the payments options?

Cash, Credit (Visa/MC/AM) , E-Transfer (via email).

Are the sessions covered by insurance companies?

Most insurance will cover treatments under Naturopathic services.
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